Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio gives you the ability to hear music from every room in your home and even outdoors.

Gone are the days where you must pull out a boombox, now its a simple volume control that allows you to adjust the volume or mute your room without affecting the rest of the home. Imagine all your bulky electronics out of the way, hidden in one location, like a media closet, completely out of sight.

Our whole house audio setups create an immersive listening experience

Distributed audio systems for homes offer an immersive and convenient way to enjoy music throughout your home. These systems consist of multiple speakers strategically placed in different rooms or zones, allowing you to control and distribute audio independently to each area. Whether you want to listen to music while cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room, or even in your backyard, a distributed audio system ensures that high-quality sound reaches every corner of your home. With the ability to stream music from various sources and control the system through user-friendly interfaces, distributed audio systems provide a seamless and enjoyable audio experience for homeowners.

Experience the power of sound throughout your home Benefits of a Whole House Audio System

While building your new home, consider the WEBCO Whole-House System! It combines amenities that you want. Multi-Room Audio and Intercom integrated into one system that is both attractive and easy to use.

  • Freedom to control your entertainment system from every room in your home and/or outdoors
  • Add excitement and enhance your home with quality stereo sound throughout
  • Imagine yourself out on the patio entertaining friends… relaxing in a hot bath… or listening to the game while working in the garage…
  • Easily control the sound. Each room has individual volume controls – making it ideal for entertaining or personal enjoyment
  • Flush mounted speakers are out of the way, not wasting space and they blend in with any décor