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As an Integrated Technology Solutions business in the Greater Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota area, we offer fully customizable value priced products and services to the Residential and Commercial marketplace. We have been a leader in Life Safety and Security systems for decades.

We believe life is mobile so your security should be too! It’s not just a marketing slogan, it’s what we do!   

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We specialize in many areas now as technology propels all of our busy lives and businesses forward. By bundling some of our product and service offerings you can save a tremendous amount of money each month while enjoying great peace of mind too. We offer the latest cutting edge Low Voltage technologies for structured wiring for your home or office and a variety of other modern web based home security systems and energy efficiency related product and service applications that will meet your specific needs.

We enjoy having a highly trained and motivated staff that is passionate about working with new home construction projects and developments…specifically the finishing of home basements. We offer competitive pricing on everything you need that resides behind the sheet rock as well as outside it like new 4K & UHD Flat screen Televisions, speakers and much more!  It is very important to keep these basic items in mind during the construction process. That is the ideal time to “pre-wire" some of the options that would cost a lot more money, time and interruption of your living or work space down the road. Some options can be impossible to add later on without a major reconstruction project involved and when weighed against the desired end result, can actually be cost prohibitive completely after the walls are mudded, taped, textured and painted. Wireless options are indeed becoming more popular and available but we still endorse and recommend one of our professionally installed structured wiring solutions. This brings greater resale value to the home and doesn’t ever look like an after thought. If you are currently in the market or working with one of our builders or remodelers you can click here for more information to load our “Option Configurator” by logging in at http://shoppingwebco.maxaware.com/.


At WEBCO we also install everything from basic phone and cable (structured cabling), audio - or music throughout the home, intercom systems, whole house cleaning - or central vacuum and home theater.

Technologies have changed dramatically in just the last couple of years alone. We can help you save money while customizing a system that meets your individual lifestyle and needs.

We offer high quality Security brand products that enable you to omit the utility costs of your land telephone line should you choose; Don’t forget these systems can and often do actually save you money each month cost justifying themselves when equipped with the ability to control your thermostat remotely; parents have the ability to receive real-time notifications from teens and/or housekeepers; and there are oodles of other features that could be included for your home or office. All of our systems are accompanied by a certificate of installation that we submit to your homeowners insurance on your behalf enabling you to save up to 20% off your homeowners insurance.

Considering what we do here at WEBCO…What are some of the largest misconceptions our new customers have that they have shared with us
over the years?

Some of the largest misconceptions our customers have shared with us about getting their security systems installed…was that they regretted the thought or belief they had beforehand that "it is not going to happen to me". They also regretted procrastinating so long about getting a security system installed much sooner once they realized how affordable, convenient and user friendly our easy to operate “Touch and Go” Security control pads are.

These days with the introduction of our WEBCO Connected Home Services (emPower) & ProVideo Energy efficiency related Smart solutions you can save big bucks on your energy bills.

Please, do you and your family a huge favor today and simply inquire risk free about what's available? Visit our Products and Services tab above for more information. Don’t wait or procrastinate another day, inquire today about our promotional Free Installation basic home security system. That’s a $1,149 value with just a $99 activation fee and a 36 month monitoring agreement starting at as low as $32.99. Better yet, your rates will never increase, that’s our exclusive rate guarantee, its only available right here at WEBCO!

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