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WEBCO Security Resources Are Offered for Your Convenience. If You Live in St. Paul, Minneapolis or Twin Cities and Need Assistance With Home Security Alarms, Don't Hesitate to Call Us.

WEBCO Security
Your ultimate partner in Electronics & Life Safety and Security

We're passionate about keeping residents secure in the greater St. Paul, Minneapolis area. As your ultimate security partner in the Twin Cities, we provide everything you need to install home security alarms. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step in protecting your family today, and keep unwanted intruders away from your property!


10 things your burglar won't tell you (23K PDF)

2008 WEBCO Watch (422K PDF)

2003 WEBCO Watch Woodbury Days (108K PDF)

2003 WEBCO Watch National Night Out (159K PDF)

2002 WEBCO Watch (450K PDF)

Electronic House Articles

Build the Home Theater of Your Dreams (600K PDF)


Build the Home Theater of Your Dreams (600K PDF)

Life Safety and Security User Manuals

Simon 2 System (336K PDF)

Simon 3 System (462K PDF)

Simon XT System (2,012K PDF)

Concord Express System
(676K PDF)

Concord 4 System
(1,167K PDF)

How do I use my Simon?
(216K PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Home Security FAQ

GE Security - What is VoIP? (99K PDF)

Life Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety (36K PDF))

Central Vacuum Manuals

Hide A Hose User Manual (437K PDF)

Power Sweep User Manual (926K PDF)

Power Unit User Manual
(817K PDF)

TurboCat and Rugrat Manual (1420K PDF)

Klipsch Audio Spec Sheets

RW-10D Subwoofer
(312K PDF)

CDT-2650-C In-ceiling Speaker (221K PDF)

CDT-2650-SC In-ceiling Speaker (315K PDF)

CDT-3650-C In-ceiling Speaker (238K PDF)

CDT-5650-C In-ceiling Speaker (234K PDF)

R-1650-C In-ceiling Speaker (541K PDF)

R-1650-CSM In-ceiling Speaker (541K PDF)

R-1650-W In-wall Speaker (535K PDF)

R-2650-W In-wall Speaker (233K PDF)

R-3650-W In-wall Speaker (237K PDF)

R-5650-S In-wall Speaker (232K PDF)

R-5650-W In-wall Speaker (240K PDF)

Universal Remotes Manuals and Guides

Monster Central User Guide
(1,107K PDF)

Harmony 1100 User Guide
(1,692K PDF)

Smartcom User Manuals

SmartCom Room Station Pocket Guide (293K PDF)

Alarm.com User Manuals and Video

Using Alarm.com User Guide
(2,254K PDF)

Alarm.com Video Guide
(112K PDF)

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